My dear friend and organizer of the C/C++ meetup in Dublin, Mihai, convinced me to run a presentation on a topic of my choice. So I proposed to run a talk on a subject I wanted to deepen my understanding of - the Dynamic Linker, part of glibc.

I intended to run this talk as a way to force myself to learn about a subject of Dynamic Linking in the world of the ELF format as I had only a light understanding of. Unfortunately, little did I know what I was getting into and how this was by no means a very easy topic to start with.

However, I approached it by fiercely by reading source code of glibc, MUSL and a few lesser-known versions. I also spent a substantial amount of time trying to clarify code magic with various documentation and writing some code to assert certain behaviours, but in the end, however, I realized that what I was striving for was a huge undertaking. This subject is quite expert focused, it is fairly under-documented as such.

It’s also found it challenging to pack information that tried to cover the subject for various levels of expertise in under a 45 minutes session. So the result was less in-depth than I anticipated but very satisfying experience nonetheless.

The upside is that it’s both gratifying and humbling to speak in front of a large and diverse technical audience.

The slides and sample content are available from the following repo github/presentations