Welcome to my lodge on the web. I am a Minion at Amazon in Dublin, Ireland and I'm currently working in the security group as a system's engineer. Some of my computational interests lie in Operating Systems, Virtualization, Security, Reverse Engineering, Algorithms, Functional Languages, Compiler and Language Theory. I sometimes update my blog and I am available via email at firstname <at-sign>, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn or Github,

I am a geek, a nerd, a wishful thinker and a scrupulous tinkerer. I have a reduced variety of general interests and a big passion for properly spiced Indian and Bangladeshi food (the british/anglicized variety, mostly.) both eating and cooking. I play guitar and I post the best clips/riffs at my soundcloud account.

I listen to a lot of musical genres. A subset of my current playlist can be found below.

Current Playlist:

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